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Is Stranded Deep multiplayer? Download the PS Plus May 2021 free games

Callum Smith

PlayStation players have a lot to look forward to with the arrival of Returnal showing that Sony can still be weird and daring. While Returnal is a new PS5 exclusive for Sony next-gen players to enjoy, the PS Plus May free games have been announced and have resulted in people asking: is Stranded Deep multiplayer? Here you’ll discover if Stranded Deep does have multiplayer on PS4, and you’ll also discover when you can download the PS Plus May 2021 free games.

Know that you still have time to download the PS Plus April 2021 free games of Days Gone, Zombie Army 4, and Oddworld Soulstorm. The newest Oddworld game is an exclusive offering to those lucky enough to own a PS5, and it’s a must own.

While you still have a week left grab the aforementioned titles, below you’ll discover if Stranded Deep is multiplayer.

PS Plus May 2021 free games

The PS Plus May 2021 free games included Stranded Deep.

Aside from Stranded Deep, the other PS Plus May 2021 free games are Battlefield V and Wreckfest Drive Hard, Die Last.

Wreckfest Drive Hard, Die Last is the exclusive offer for PS5 players. It is a multiplayer title which offers up to 24 players.

Meanwhile, Battlefield V is the latest instalment in the coveted series. Its arrival comes before the much-anticipated and speculated announcement of Battlefield 6.

Does Stranded Deep have multiplayer?

Stranded Deep does not have multiplayer.

The game is not multiplayer on PS5, even though Stranded Deep does have local co-op on PC.

It’s a shame that PS4 and PS5 players will not be able to co-op with a friend, but the title is excellent regardless.

Those who downloaded Subnautica for free as part of the Play at Home inititaive will feel right at home as Stranded Deep is another survival game.

Only this time you are stuck on an island surrounded by a sea full of sharks and other beasties. Oh, and there’s no rum.

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