According to YouTuber and doctor Bernard Hsu, a TikTok user has been hospitalised after consuming eight scoops of dry pre-workout powder.

As fitness becomes an increasingly important part of everyday life, more and more people are using supplements to try and enhance their athletic performance.

One popular supplement is pre-workout, which is a general term for a range of powders that are designed to be mixed with water and drank before a workout to boost energy, power and stamina.

However, if they’re not consumed correctly, these supplements can be incredibly dangerous, as one TikTok user found out.

TikToker hospitalised after eating eight scoops of pre-workout

A fitness TikToker was hospitalised after he consumed eight scoops of dry pre-workout powder, according to Bernard Hsu, better known as ChubbyEmu on YouTube.

Bernard is a doctor from Philadelphia, USA, who shares real-life medical stories on his 2-million follower YouTube channel.

In the video posted on April 27th, he said that a 25-year-old TikTok user called “JA” was admitted to the Emergency Room after his mother found him unconscious on the floor.

He had tried out the popular new trend of ‘dry scooping’, which means consuming pre-workout powder without mixing it with water first to try and make the body digest it quicker.

Bernard claims that JA was ‘dry scooping’ eight scoops to try and get 100,000 followers.

According to Bernard, he then went to the gym where he began feeling extremely unwell. He then returned home, passed out, and was taken to the hospital where he remained unresponsive.

What happened next?

Bernard then explained that medics found he had extremely high blood pressure, his heart was beating erratically and one of his pupils was much bigger than the other.

Scans then showed that parts of his brain had been bleeding, and his brain was expanding inside his skull, so he had to have surgery to remove parts of his skull and relieve the pressure.

Thankfully, his condition then improved, and after several months of rehabilitation, he made a full recovery.

Be aware of the dangers of fitness supplements

We may not know who the TikToker from Bernard’s story is, but the message from his video is incredibly clear.

It’s hugely important to remember the risks associated with taking fitness supplements, as they can be incredibly dangerous if not used correctly.

One of the primary ingredients in supplement powders is caffeine, which is a stimulant that increases heart rate and blood pressure. If you consume too much caffeine, it can have many negative effects.

There are also many other ingredients in fitness supplements that can be dangerous if too much is consumed.

You can read about the dangers of pre-workout supplements on Healthline here.