Dhar Mann just released another Allison Day spoof video, and it’s going viral on TikTok all over again.

Back in September 2020, a short film began circling TikTok that told the story of a teenage girl called Allison Day who gets kicked out of a designer store because the shop assistant thought she couldn’t afford the items.

Then, the shop assistant finds out that she’s actually a famous TikTok star with millions of followers, and she tries to get her to buy the dress she wanted.

The video is suspected to be a spoof based on Addison Rae, and is designed to show the realities of being a TikTok star today.

Now, another Allison Day video has been uploaded, and it’s going viral on social media again.

The man behind the viral videos is called Dhar Mann, but who is he? Here’s everything you need to know about him.

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Who is Dhar Mann?

Dhar Mann is an entrepreneur and filmmaker who is most well known for making short films on YouTube and TikTok.

He launched his first business, a real estate mortgage brokerage, at just 19-years-old whilst studying at the University of California. Then, he expanded the business to include property management and buying and selling properties.

In 2015, he started his second business LiveGlam, a beauty subscription company he runs with his wife and beauty influencer Laura G.

Then in 2018, he launched social media content creation company Dhar Mann Studios, which is where he developed his love of filmmaking. The company produces viral videos on TikTok and YouTube that depict real-life situations.

Dhar Mann has over eight million subscribers on his YouTube channel, four million followers on Instagram and 6.5 million on TikTok.

He is also a father to his young daughter Ella Rose and is expecting another baby with his fiancee Laura. They vlog their family life on the YouTube Channel Dhar and Laura.

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Dhar Mann releases second Allison Day spoof

After Dhar Mann’s first Allison Day parody proved to be so popular, he is now back with another one.

On Wednesday (April 29th), the film titled “TikTok FAMOUS TEEN Kicked Out Of Office, Instantly Regrets It” premiered on YouTube and TikTok.

In the video, the same TikTok star as in the first video, Allison Day, is hired by a struggling interior design company to help them out with their marketing.

Allison Day is then ridiculed by the old-fashioned marketing team who don’t believe that the 20-year-old will be able to solve all of their financial problems.

She then proves the old marketing woman wrong by advertising the company on TikTok, and she ends up getting an apology after the company gains loads of customers.

The video has had over four million views in just 24 hours. Watch it below!

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