Real Housewives of Dallas’ April 27 finale episode raised many questions about cast member Kary’s marriage. Is Kary Brittingham getting a divorce from Eduardo Brittingham?

Many fans believe that the episode had signs pointing to Kary possibly getting a divorce. Fans saw in RHOD season 5 that Kary’s personal life was on rocky grounds. Things in her marriage with husband Eduardo looked quite grim.

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Is Kary Brittingham getting a divorce?

On the finale episode Kary explained to her costar, D’Andra Simmons, that her personal life was in shambles.

Discussing her problems, Kary (50) revealed she had been drinking a lot recently. Throughout the season many RHOD cast members also pointed that Kary hadn’t been acting like herself.

Despite all the rumours neither Kary nor Eduardo has revealed any details. Hence it is unclear if Kary is getting a divorce. However, this hasn’t stopped fans from speculating.

Many fans believe that there were obvious signs throughout the show’s fifth season that hinted at Kary getting a divorce.

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Kary Brittingham reveals shocking details about her marriage

In her confessional, Kary from Real Housewives of Dallas, also admitted that she “desperately” needed personal and quality time with her husband Eduardo.

During the season, Eduardo’s absence at the South Fork Ranch raised many eyebrows. The reality star stated that he was under the weather, hence he couldn’t attend the event. But, fans took this a sign of something not being right between him and Kary.

However, despite the ongoing rumours during season 5, it was a sneak peek from the upcoming “Real Housewives of Dallas” reunion, that tipped the fans off about Kary and Eduardo’s possible divorce.

In the sneak peek clip, Kary is seen discussing her marriage with host Andy Cohen. She is seen crying on camera, telling Andy, “We just told our kids…”


While it’s unclear what Kary is referring to when says that, social media users believe that it might be a hint towards the impending doom of her marriage.

During her recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Real Housewives of Dallas star admitted that she regretted some of her actions during this season. She said, “I think every season is a big learning experience. You really look at yourself and want to grow and become a better person.”

She then went on to confess that her relationship with her daughter had gotten better ever since the show ended. However, Kary remained mum about the status of her marriage.

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