Second Extinction joins Xbox Game Pass today but has already been available on Steam for awhile. Over on Steam the game has received a mostly positive reception in its Early Access format, and the good news is that Microsoft console players can now enjoy first-person dino action. Some people are asking if Second Extinction is crossplay between Xbox and PC, and here you’ll find the latest release date news for cross platform multiplayer.

April has been a fantastic month for Xbox Game Pass as there has been MLB The Show 21 as well as the return of Grand Theft Auto 5. As for what you can look forward to next month, Dragon Quest Builders 2 has been confirmed for early May.

While Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a fantastic game, below you’ll discover if the newly added Second Extinction is crossplay between Xbox and PC.

Does Second Extinction have cross platform multiplayer?

Second Extinction does not have cross platform multiplayer between PC and Xbox.

However, although it does not have cross platform multiplayer between PC and Xbox, Second Extinction players on Xbox Series X can play with friends on Xbox One.

As for what the title is, it allows up to three player co-op action. It’s a first-person title where you take on ferocious dinosaurs.

Pokémon Legends Arceus: A familiar region. A new story.

It has been available on Steam for awhile in Early Access format, and the receiption from players has been mostly positive.

For history buffs that are all about dinosaurs, know that the creatures in the game are significantly mutated and therefore even more dangerous than anything found in the history books.

Second Extinction crossplay release date

The release date for crossplay in Second Extinction could come in September 2021.

Although there’s no crossplay between PC and Xbox for Second Extinction right now, a release date window of September has been given for cross platform multiplayer.

This release date news comes courtesy of Polygon‘s tour and interview with developers Simon Vickers and Anaïs Palm.

In this interview, Vickers told Polygon that Xbox Series X and Xbox One players could team-up together, meanwhile a release window of September was provided for cross platform between Xbox and PC.

The title is available on Xbox Game Pass, but also Steam for £19.49.

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