Is Fatma season 2 confirmed? Let’s consider the renewal status of the 2021 Netflix series. Can audiences expect more episodes?

Last year is going to be pretty difficult to top for TV fans, but so far so good in 2021.

A wealth of exciting new series have made their way to screens and plenty of fond favourites have returned with brand new seasons.

Netflix has had a particularly good slate of shows over recent months, catering to lovers of all genres, from fantasy (Shadow and Bone) to comedy (Dad Stop Embarrassing Me).

One of the last to captivate on the streaming service is Fatma, a gripping and dramatic Turkish series helmed by Özgür Önurme.

Viewers have made swift work of season 1 – made up of six episodes – but is Fatma season 2 on the cards?

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Netflix: Fatma season 2 confirmed?

  • As of yet, Netflix is yet to confirm whether Fatma has been renewed for season 2.

While the final sequence suggests that season 2 is highly unlikely, the very last shot of episode 6 – titled ‘Fall’ – suggests that there is still hope for the series to continue.

On the whole though, Fatma is likely to consist of one season, as it’s hard to imagine them progressing with the central character any further.

No announcement has been made regarding the series’ renewal, but it’s arguably too early to anticipate any concrete news this soon. Fatma was released on the platform on Tuesday, April 27th 2021.

So, it’s likely that the viewing figures will be assessed over the course of May before Netflix is able to determine whether renewal is warranted.

Fans praise Fatma on Twitter

A number of viewers have already praised Fatma over on Twitter, championing the central performance from 31-year-old Turkish actress Burcu Biricik.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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