On April 27, TikTok users went into frenzy after a video spoke about BTS’ English names. In reality, the boy band members do NOT have English names. Here’s a look at the viral TikTok.

Over the years, BTS has managed to leave its mark on the music industry. With fans from all over the world, many wondered if BTS members had an English name. An English name is a name chosen by an individual to make it easy for people to communicate. This is often done by people when they feel their name is too hard to pronounce by others.

TikTok about BTS’ English name explored

Several people on TikTok wondered if BTS members had an English name after a TikTok user commented on Kim Nam-Joon’s (RM) alleged English name.

The video was uploaded by user Linday on April 27. She captioned the video as: “I AM BROKEN!!!” As the video continued, Lindsay went on to express her thoughts on finding out that RM’s alleged English name is Kyle.

If you scroll through the comment sections, there are other users who have revealed the alleged English name of other members. One comment read: “Namjoon: Kyle, Jin: Alex, Yoongi: Cody, Hoseok: Nathan, Taehyung: Theodore/Theo, Jimin: Brian, and Jeongguk: Timothy/Tim.”

No, BTS members do not have an English name

Even though several people seem to believe that BTS members have English names, this is not true. The creator of the TikTok video also confirmed this in one of their replies in the comment section.

One of the reasons many seem to believe this is because when you Google BTS’ English names, several websites seem to claim that those names are used by the members. In reality, they are fan-made.

BTS talks about their potential English names

In an interview with Buzzfeed Celeb, BTS members had joked about what would their English names be. J-Hope said that he would continue to use J-Hope. Jin joked that he would prefer to be called “Genie.”

Suga revealed he would change his name to Yoon-gi Min. Meanwhile, RM thought the name “Monie” would sound good for him. On the other hand, Jimin seemed to be the most innovate of the all as he thought the name “Christian Chim Chim” would be good.

On the other hand, Jungkook said he would like to call himself “Justin Seagull.” He chose the name Justin because he is a big fan of Justin Bieber. Lastly, V revealed his English name would be “Jack.”

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