After 11 years, actor Lee Kwang-soo will be leaving Running Man. Here’s a look at why he is leaving and how his car accident influenced his decision.

On April 26, Lee Kwang-soo’s agency confirmed he will be leaving the show. His exit came as a shock to many as the actor had been a part of Running Man for a long time. Some even took to Twitter to express their disappointment. Here’s a look at what his agency said about his departure.

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Why is Lee Kwang-soo leaving Running Man?

Lee Kwang-soo is leaving the show to treat his surgery that he received due to a car accident. The actor is set to undergo ankle surgery. His agency confirmed this in a statement.

The statement read: “We notify that Lee Kwang Soo will be leaving the cast of SBS’s ‘Running Man’ after his final recording on May 24. After a car accident last year, Lee Kwang Soo has received regular physical therapy; despite the continued treatment, there were times when he felt that it was difficult to maintain top physical condition during ‘Running Man’ filming.”

The statement further noted: ” As a result, Lee Kwang Soo held lengthy conversations with the production staff, crew, his fellow cast members, as well as the agency, and ultimately arrived at the conclusion that he needed time to recuperate, both physically and mentally.”

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The agency further thanked the fans for their support over the years.

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Lee Kwang-soo’s car accident revisited

Lee Kwang-soo got into a car accident on February 16, 2020. A statement released by the agency then revealed that the actor was injured after being “hit by another vehicle violating traffic signals.”

The actor was advised to undergo surgery after he suffered a fracture in his right ankle. The surgery took place on February 18. During this time, Lee Kwang-soo decided to put all his projects on hold and focus on his health.

The agency said: “As such, Lee couldn’t be taking part in any of the activities lined up for him for the time being, including filming for Running Man. We hope fans would understand this situation and let him focus on his recovery.”

Now, the actor will be leaving the hit show to focus on his recovery.

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