Genshin Impact update 1.5 is on the horizon, but so too is the game’s launch on PS5 for which eight minutes of 4k and 60FPS gameplay have been shared. However, while version 1.5 isn’t even out as of yet, there are already massive leaks for update 1.6. One of these leaks suggest that the Kazuha banner will come out, and here you’ll find the latest release date news and reported skills for the Kazuha banner in Genshin Impact.

With version 1.5 scheduled to come out soon, know that two new confirmed characters are Eula and Yanfei. The latter will come out first as part of the Zhongli rerun, and she will be four stars much like Rosaria when she accompanied the Venti rerun.

While the arrival of Yanfei and then Eula is no doubt exciting, below you’ll find the latest release date news and skills for the leaked Kazuha banner in Genshin Impact update 1.6.

When is the release date for the Kazuha banner in Genshin Impact?

The release date for the Kazuha banner in Genshin Impact could be June 9th for update 1.6.

Leaks suggest that Kazuha and Yoimiya will be part of the first banner for Genshin Impact update 1.6, and the above release date is an educated assumption based on miHoYo’s six weeks between each version.

Version 1.5 is scheduled to start on April 28th, and June 9th is six weeks from then and is thus when Yoimiya and co could come out.

Of course, this release date for the Kazuha banner is not official, nor are the skills and the character’s involvement.

However, applications for the 1.6 beta were recently shared, and the beta for 1.5 is how leaks came about for Eula and Yanfei before 1.4 even began.

Genshin Impact Kazuha skills

The skills for Kazuha in Genshin Impact have reportedly been leaked.

It’s important to note that the skills for Kazuha are not confirmed, nor is the character’s involvement in Genshin Impact update 1.6.

The unconfirmed hero is said to be a five stars Anemo who uses a sword, and he is also described as a wandering samurai from Inazuma who is with Liyue’s Crux Fleet.

He performs up to five rapid strikes as a normal attack, and his charged attack consumes stamina to unleash two rapid sword strikes.

There is a plunging attack which deals AoE DMG from mid-air, and there’s another plunging attack named Ranran Haishi which uses the elemental skill Chihayafuru.

Chihayafuru is one Kazuha’s skills, and it creates a gush of wind that pulls in objects and enemies only to launch them and deal Anemo DMG while lifting Kazuha into the air. You can charge up this move to deal greater Anemo DMG over a larger AoE.

In addition to the above, there is also Manyou no Ittou which is said to be the ultimate Garyu technique. It is said to be a single slash that deals AoE Anemo DMG, and the blade’s passage leaves a field behind which deals AoE Anemo DMG at set intervals to opponents within it.

The leaked passive talents are as follows:

Matsukaze Karyuu:

  • Decreases sprinting stamina for your own party members by 20%. Not stackable with Passive Talents that provide the same effects.

Weathering Blade:

  • If Chihayafuru comes into contact with Hydro/Pyro/Cryo/Electro while being used, Elemental Absorption will occur during this Chihayafuru and will deal additional 200% additional DMG of that elemental type, which will be considred Plunging Attack DMG.
  • Elemental Absorption may only occur once per use of Chihayafuru.

Windsong Poetics:

  • Upon triggering a Swirl reaction, Kazuha will grant teamates a 0.03% Elemental DMG bonus to their corresponding Element for every point of Elemental Mastery he has for 8 seconds.
  • Bonuses for different Elements obtained through this method can co-exist.

The Constellations are as follows:

Senzan Kouhen:

  • Decreases Chihayafuru’s CD by 10%.
  • Using Manyou no Ittou resets the CD of Chihayafuru.

Yamaarashi Zanshin:

  • The Ruka Akino field created by Manyou no Ittou has the following properties:
  • Increases Kazuha’s own elemental mastery by 200.
  • Increases the elemental mastery of characters within the field by 200.
  • The elemental mastery-increasing effects of this constellation do not stack.

Fuushuu Kitan:

  • Increases the level of Chihayafuru by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Oozora Genpou:

  • When Kazuha’s energy is lower than 45, he obtains the following effects:
  • Press or hold Chihayafuru to regenerate 3 or 4 energy.
  • Regenerate 2 energy per second Kazuha glides.

Bansei no Shuu:

  • Increases the level of Manyou no Ittou by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Ketsuseki Haku:

  • Kazuha gains an Anemo infusion for 5 seconds after using Chihayafuru or Manyou no Ittou.
  • Additionally, each point of Elemental Mastery will increase the DMG dealt by Kazuha’s Normal, Charged, Plunging, and Plunging Attack: Ranran Haishin by 20%.

All of the above leaked skills come courtesy of Honey Hunter World. Remember that none of it is official.