National Pretzel Day is not just the celebration of beauty that are pretzels, it’s practically turned into Pretzel Meme Day, featuring Stanley Hudson from The Office. Here is your annual dose of memes to celebrate this day.

April 26 marks Pretzel Day and it is recognition for one of America’s favourite snacks. Whether you prefer sweet or savoury foods, it’s got you covered – so versatile!

Another great thing about national Pretzel Day is that, you get a free pretzel from Auntie Anne’s, Snyder’s of Hanover and Philly Pretzel Factory.

However, without The Office, Pretzel Day would have never become the ‘meme day’ that it has become, and it’s all thanks to Mr Stanley Hudson.

Photo by Joe Scarnici/FilmMagic

“I like Pretzel Day”

If you don’t know what scene from The Office “I like Pretzel Day” is, then check it out below and you’ll see the meme of the craze:

The best Pretzel Day memes

This is the Drake from Hotline Bling meme, but better:

Million Dollar Listing LA | Season 13 | Preview Trailer

Like pretzels, Stanley’s joke is versatile and can be applied to any struggling life situation you’ve got going on:

That’s why we’ve curated this selection of memes:

We’re waiting for Leslie to post a Pretzel Day photo today, but in the meantime, here’s last years:

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