Jeff Wittek uploaded episode three of his docu-series Don’t Try This At Home, sharing his near-fatal experience due to a YouTube stunt. Episode 2 revealed David Dobrik as the ’cause’ of the accident and the latest video shows David visiting Jeff in hospital. Does that mean the YouTubers have remained buddies after the freak accident?

Since June 2020, the internet has been curious on what happened to Jeff Wittek’s eye after he uploaded a mirror selfie revealing eye stitches. He had been keeping it well under wraps until the premiere of episode two of his docu-series Don’t Try This At Home.

Ep. 3 shows the aftermath and healing process of Jeff’s facial injuries , featuring a couple appearances by David. He visited Jeff in hospital but are they still friends now?

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What happened to Jeff Wittek?

The Vlog Squad were in Utah filming a selection of stunts for a video, such as skydiving over 20 times. You’d think that would’ve resulted in near-fatal injuries, more than swinging from a rope on land. But no, that certainly was not the case.

The Youtubers placed an excavator in the lake with a rope attached to the arm and Jeff hopped onto it, while David swung him around operating the heavy machinery. After just two rotations, Jeff crashed into the excavator and fell into the shallow lack, leaving him with a bloody face and cuts that could’ve turned him blind if they were millimetres closer.

While the David was the one operating the machine, Jeff opted to try his hand on the rope, despite Vlog Squad member Corrina complaining “David, you take things too far!” while she was on the rope previously.

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Are Jeff Wittek and David Dobrik still friends?

The pair have not confirmed whether they are on good or bad terms since they have all kept the accident on the down-low, but episode three gave high hopes for their friendship.

David visited and paid for Jeff’s hospital bills, while dressed as the Joker in a nurse costume, as per his request. In the voiceover, it seems like Jeff did not blame David for the accident, “he didn’t sign up to nearly kill his friend, and nearly lose everything that he’s worked for.”

However, after he is discharged from the hospital, Jeff reveals that he felt resentment every time he saw David’s face plastered on social media, praising him for his philanthropy.

“It made me not want to go online, it made me not want to open up YouTube.”

The video concludes with Jeff being advised by friends to talk to David, since they have not spoken for over a month. That was back in 2020, but now in April 2021, David has still not broken his silence over the incident, despite Jeff’s tell-all.

Maybe they have patched things up behind the scenes, but it is likely that their relationship will never be like it was previously.

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