Sun 25 April 2021 12:11, UK

World Penguin Day 2021 is officially here. But why April 25th? Let’s take a look at the origins of the day and why it’s celebrated.

It’s no secret that wildlife all across the planet is in danger in the 21st century. With increasing pollution levels and rising temperatures due to global warming, there are many species at risk. All penguin species face challenges in 2021 due to changes in their ecosystem such as over-fishing.

Image by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay

What is World Penguin Day?

World Penguin Day is a day for people all around the world to recognise the remarkable flightless birds that inhabit the Antarctic.

The day raises awareness around penguins in general, there are many unknown species and facts when it comes to penguins.

Penguins are also faces many new pressures in the modern day, therefore the World Penguin Day gives people the opportunity to recognise and take action when it comes to the penguin’s habitat.

Why is World Penguin Day celebrated on April 25th?

From the Gentoo to the Emperor penguin, World Penguin Day celebrates every kind. But, if you’re left wondering why April 25th is the chosen day to celebrate, here’s why.

According to the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, April 25th “coincides with the annual northern migration of Adelie penguins“. Therefore, April 25th is a significant day in the penguin world.

In a bid to acknowledge the penguin, World Penguin Day is held annually on this day.

How to celebrate World Penguin Day 2021

Given the present-day circumstances that the penguin has to endure, due to a multitude of environmental issues, a great way to celebrate World Penguin Day in 2021 is to raise awareness for the penguin’s plight.

As reported by the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, penguins spend over 75% of their lives at sea. So, the health of the oceans is imperative for penguins to survive. By removing and reducing fisheries from penguin habitats, as well as shipping lanes, pollution and other developments, penguins can be protected.

The fate of penguins is a global responsibility. But to help protect the marine animals, donations can be made to penguin charities and petitions can be signed for the cause, too.

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