Netflix Anime has officially announced that it has a VTuber. Let’s get to know more about what a VTuber is, the ambassador herself and what Twitter users make of the addition.

Netflix is a streaming service with great versatility. The variety of movies, series and kids shows really provide customers with value for money. Netflix also has a range of anime series available for viewers to watch and now an ambassador has been appointed to this genre of the streaming service.

Screenshot: Say Hello to N-ko | Netflix Anime – YouTube

What is a VTuber?

A VTuber (Virtual YouTuber) is an online content creator who uses an avatar to represent themselves over a real-life person.

While the avatar represents the person behind the content, the content itself is voiced by its human creator.

Essentially like streamers, VTubers are said to have become a trend in Japan in 2018 according to Xsens. Although a 2021 report from Financial Times says that “the trend started in Japan in 2016 with Kizuna AI, an anime girl with huge eyes and a pink bow who became the first breakout VTuber”.

Who is the Netflix VTuber ambassador?

Netflix’s VTuber anime ambassador is N-ko Mei Kurono.

N-ko is a computer-generated character and is a sheep-human life form.

Twitter users reacted to the annoucement of Netflix’s VTuber. Some Tweeted that they weren’t happy with Netflix’s decision to incorporate an ambassador to its streaming service:

Apparently netflix is getting a vtuber mascot. Watch the big brands try to eliminate independent vtubers to gain a monopoly of the market because capitalism…

Another said: “netflix got a vtuber and she forces you to pay a subscription fee to watch her streams“.

Some Tweeted that they were happy with the VTuber, though, and described her as “cute”.

When does the Netflix VTuber debut?

Netflix Anime welcomes its VTuber on Tuesday, April 27th 2021.

The streaming service is also releasing much more anime content in 2021 than it did in last year as per Variety.

Castlevania, Kuroko’s Basketball, Love, Death, and Robots and Dota: Dragon’s Blood are just some of the 2021 anime series available on Netflix in 2021. See how to get access to all of Netflix’s anime offerings here.

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