Zac Efron has been raising suspicion that he has had plastic surgery or face fillers done after a picture of him went viral on Twitter. Some think his “new look” is due to the accident that the actor had suffered.

The speculation about plastic surgery started after the actor appeared on Bill Nye’s Earth Day special. Many fans noticed that the High School Musical star’s jaw looked different. It was only a matter of seconds for it to start trending all over Twitter. Here’s a look at what people have been saying.

Zac Efron’s plastic surgery rumors explored

On April 23, Zac’s appearance on Bill Nye’s Earth Day special got people talking. Some thought it appeared as if he had a botched plastic surgery done. Meanwhile, others wondered if the actor had botox fillers.

Shortly after these assumptions, people even started sharing memes as they compared Zac to Thanos and others. One comment read: “Zac Efron getting botched plastic surgery and looking like Thanos is what is going to put me over the edge.”

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Another added: “if Zac Efron got plastic surgery that just shows you how deep beauty standards go… everyone please know you’re freaking beautiful exactly how you are.”

Who did it better? Zac Efron or Squidward?” joked another. Amid the memes, people have been looking for an answer. Some thought that the actor looked different because of the jaw surgery he had years ago.

What accident did Zac Efron have?

Zac is no stranger to accidents, and he recently had a near-death experience in 2019 after contracting a deadly infection. The actor was filming his new show in Papua New Guinea when this happened.

He assured his fans he was doing fine in an Instagram post. Meanwhile, the actor also suffered a jaw injury back in 2013. At that time, TMZ reported that his jaw was wired shut after the actor slipped in a puddle of water at home.

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Did Zac Efron get a plastic surgery?

We can understand why this question has been going around on the internet. However, if you go through Zac’s social media, you will notice that the actor looks the same.

The only difference in his appearance on television on April 23 and his old pictures is that the actor was spotted having a beard. It is possible that shaving his beard might have something to do with his “new look.”

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