Billie Eilish hasn’t been afraid to call out one of her former dates Henry Whitford in the past. Now, his name is circulating the internet again. So, let’s get to know more about Henry!

At just 19 years old, Billie Eilish has reached world-wide fame and recognition for her talent as a musician and singer. The woman who gave us “ocean eyes”, “when the party’s over” and “everything i wanted” has often been open when it comes to her love life, after all, many of her songs are about relationships.

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Who is Henry Whitford?

Henry Whitford wasn’t so much Billie Eilish’s boyfriend, but when she was 17 she did go on a date to the movies with him.

Judging by his Instagram account, we can guess that Henry lives in or comes from LA.

He is most likely a similar age to Billie and also around 19 years old in 2021.

Was Henry Billie’s first kiss?

Yes, Henry was Billie Eilish’s first kiss. However, the kiss was probably one she wishes she couldn’t remember. It looks to have left Billie hurt as she’s mentioned Henry in public a fair few times.

Introducing a song, Billie spoke at a concert in 2018 and said: “Two years ago, the day before Valentine’s day… we went to the roof and we sat there and kissed“.

She added that Henry said that the kiss “wasn’t as magical” as what he’d imagined.

Speaking on Howard Stern in 2019 alongside her brother, Billie said of Henry: “dude is hella ugly now“.

However, Henry and Billie may be on good terms despite the kiss as she follows him on IG. The song dedicated to Henry is said to be “Bad Guy”.

Meet Henry Whitford on Instagram

Henry can be found on Instagram @henrywhitford with around 30k followers.

He hasn’t posted since January 2020 but when he does it’s often a scenic view, a selfie or a group photo.

By the looks of things, Henry is an outdoorsy person and loves animals. He often takes to IG to share photos of dogs, cats and horses. In one of his posts, Henry wrote that he had been working on a farm although his job is unconfirmed.

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