On April 23, Caitlyn Jenner announced she would be running for California Governor. Amid the news, people were wondering if South Park had predicted this as they look back at its old episode.

Caitlyn announced her run in a tweet that read: “I’m in! California is worth fighting for. Visit http://CaitlynJenner.com to follow or donate today.” Following this, she made several tweets talking about her campaign. Amid this, people on Twitter have been looking at the South Park episode that highlighted Caitlyn’s entry into politics.

What South Park episode is Caitlyn Jenner in?

Caitlyn’s character has made several appearances on South Park. However, the one that has been catching the attention now is where her character is seen as the running mate.

In Season 19 Episode 2, Herbert Garrison reveals that Caitlyn will be his running mate. The episode titled ‘Where My Country Gone?’ looks into politics.

The description for the episode reads: “Mr. Garrison is crazy-mad about all the illegal immigrants in South Park, so it’s time for a showdown with the familiar-looking President of Canada! Cartman has other plans.” The episode had aired in September 2015.

Several fans think that South Park might have predicted Caitlyn’s run for Governor as some of them look back at the episode.

Caitlyn Jenner confirms running for Governor

Caitlyn has been quite active ever since she announced her run for California governor. In a tweet, she explained a bit about her campaign as she wrote: “Our campaign will be powered by everyday Californians who deserve leadership that is accountable to them, not the special interests in Sacramento. Donate today and join the fight.”

She also took an aim at the current Governor of California, Gavin Newsom as she wrote: “Gavin Newsom is so threatened by our campaign that he’s trying to fundraise off my announcement instead of focusing on doing his actual job. This is what entrenched politicians do. They play politics instead of doing what’s right for the people of California.”

Is Caitlyn Jenner a Democrat or Republican?

Caitlyn is a Republican and has been vocal about her political stance. In 2016, she was supported by former President Donald Trump as she said in an interview: “Last week, Donald Trump told me I could take a pee anywhere at a Trump facility so I’m gonna go to the ladies’ room. Thanks, Donald, I really appreciate it.”

At the same time, in 2016, Caitlyn attended a Republican National Convention and urged people to support the LGBTQ+ community.

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