A year after Sarah Cooper went viral on TikTok mocking the back-then US president Trump, the actress’s career has been flourishing!

Today, social media celebrates a year since Sarah Cooper made an epic video on TikTok mocking Donald Trump.

The video “how to medical” went viral at the beginning of the pandemic and the world fell in love with Cooper’s humour, who is now about to release a project on CBS based on one of her books.

Who is Sarah Cooper?

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Sara Cooper is a 44-year-old author, producer, actress and comedian born in 1977 in Jamaica, based in New York City.

When Cooper started pursuing comedy by doing stand-ups, she used to work in design for Yahoo! and in user experience for Google Docs.

Not long after, she decided to quit her job and focus on comedy and writing as that is her passion. She published two books in 2016 “100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings” and “Draw What Success Looks Like.”

In 2018, Sarah Cooper published “How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings,” which became a best-seller.

Sarah Cooper’s “how to medical” video

When the pandemic first emerged, Copper, like most of us, decided to give TikTok a chance and she quickly went viral.

She decided to post a video of herself imitating Donald Trump and lip-syncing one of his statements that suggested the use of bleach as a virus cure.

While people were scared of the whole unprecedented situation in late March 2020, Sarah Cooper made them laugh, giving them a light of hope with her comedy.

She then decided to turn the video into a series and doing more lip-sync of Trump’s statements and her career took off, landing on Netflix in 2020 and on CBS in 2021.

Sarah Cooper to release a CBS series based on her book

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After the success Sarah Cooper achieved on social media, where she now has millions of followers, the comedian is shooting the pilot of a CBS project that will be based on her best-seller book ““How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings.”

The award-winning screenwriter Cindy Chupack, known as the writer and producer of Sex and the City, will be co-writing the plot of Cooper’s upcoming comedy project on CBS.

The pilot of the untitled yet project will be directed by Amy York Rubin, also an exceptional talent in the film industry.

Only a year after going viral on social media, Sarah Cooper is becoming one of the world’s most beloved comedians and her career is skyrocketing.

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