Jungkook’s purple hair is currently trending on Twitter and many fans have shared their reactions to the BTS singer’s new hairstyle.

Within two months of debuting his blue hair, Jungkook has left fans into frenzy after he sported a new purple hairstyle this week.

In an Instagram Live with BTS, Jungkook revealed that he now has a sleek new hairstyle, shorter than before and dyed in purple.

Some fans are pretty excited, others are still getting accustomed to it – let’s check out what people are saying on social media about Jungkook’s new style.

Jungkook’s new style

Jungkook debuted his purple hairstyle in an Instagram Live with his co-stars and Louis Vuitton’s menswear artistic director Virgil Abloh.

The K-Pop superstars and Virgil sat down to discuss the band’s new partnership as brand ambassadors for the fashion company.

But while people are excited about this huge milestone for the group, others have been reacting to Jungkook’s new hairstyle.

According to Twitter trends, the BTS band member’s hairstyle has been mentioned in over 700,000 tweets so far – a figure that keeps rising by the minute!

Fans react to Jungkook’s purple hair

ARMYs have flocked to Twitter to share their reactions and discuss Jungkook’s hair.

While many are still getting used to the BTS band member’s new style, there are a lot of fans who can’t contain their excitement.

“Jungkook and me has the same colour of hair these past months purple, silver, blue,” reacted one fan.

“I’ll just be here waiting for a selfie of Jungkook with purple hair,” said another one.

A third person said: “This morning I was overwhelmed in all the contents. I’m late I know, but Jungkook have purple hair and Hobi have blond hair! I mean, with BTS, every hairstyle and hair colour suits them!”

Someone else, who is still getting used to Jungkook’s hair, added: “Did Jungkook cut his hair and dyed it purple or is my brain not used to wake up before 10am anymore so it’s imagining things?”

Jungkook previously dyed his hair in blue

Jungkook’s purple hairstyle comes just after two months when he dyed his hair in blue.

In a Twitter post on February 24th, 2021, the BTS singer showed off the blue locks.

He added a short message which translated to: “Self dyeing 🙂 #JJK.” 

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