Addison Rae and Tommyinnit are at the centre of social media’s rumour mill after a TikTok user made claims about the two.

This drama isn’t the first time Addison Rae has joined the world of streaming and gaming, nor is it the first time she’s received backlash for it.

In December 2020, Addison joined an Among Us Twitch stream with Pokimane, Corpse Husband and Dream. Fans of the gamers at the time swarmed the comments with negative responses to her debut.

Similarly, Addison’s TikTok comments are currently filled with comments informing her she can’t replace Tommyinnit in the Dream SMP.

What is the Addison Rae and Tomyinnit rumour?

TikTok is alight with a rumour that Addison Rae allegedly attempted to have Tommyinnit kicked out of the Dream SMP in order to take his place. According to the rumour, Dream decided against the decision after Sapnap said he would leave too if it happened.

It’s unclear exactly which user birthed the rumour, but the most popular video regurgitating it is by @dnfkarlnap. “Someone I regret supporting as long as I did,” reads the text about Addison Rae.

“If you didn’t know she texted Dream multiple times and tried to get Tommyinnit removed from the SMP so she could join but Sapnap said he would leave if she joined so he denied her,” it continues.

Drama debunked

Not only does there exist no evidence to back the allegations, but the video provided by users “to prove” it is completely unrelated.

The video being shared on TikTok as proof originates from a January Dream SMP stream, in which TommyInnit accidentally leaked that ‘Addison Rae’ was joining the group.

“Why is Addison Rae in the general chat of the Dream SMP discord? What is going on?” he asked before typing an introductory message to her. “What the f**k is happening,” he then says.

Of course, the video doesn’t show anything about Tommyinnit being asked to be removed, or Addison forcing said removal. Instead, it’s since been reported by fans that it wasn’t Addison in the discord at all but Valkyrae who was set to join Karl’s tour.

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