Twitter is being flooded with complaints from TikTok users who want to know why their app has suddenly switched to military time.

Over the past 24-hours, hundreds of TikTok users have been taking to Twitter to complain that their app has switched to military time.

Why has this happened? And is there a way to change it? Let’s find out.

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What is military time?

Military time, also known as the 24-hour clock, is a method of telling the time.

Rather than dividing the day into 12 different hours and repeating this at noon, it splits the day up into 24 hours.

So, instead of saying 10pm, you’d say 22:00.

The 24-hour clock is more commonly used in some countries than others.

Why has TikTok changed to military time?

After TikTok’s latest update, many users noticed that the app has changed to military time.

This means that whenever you see the time written on TikTok, like when sending a direct message to someone, it will now be written using the 24-hour clock.

Before the update, TikTok always used the 12-hour clock, so why has it changed?

Well, TikTok hasn’t yet revealed a reason for doing so, but it certainly hasn’t gone down well with users.

Is there a way to change it back?

Can you change the time back?

At the time of writing this, it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to change your time back to the 12-hour clock.

So unfortunately, you’ll have to learn how to read military time whilst using TikTok.

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