Jeff Wittek’s latest YouTube video shows exactly what happened to cause his mysterious eye injury, and David Dobrik had more-than-something to do with the accident.

The YouTuber first revealed his injuries in June 2020, sharing a picture on Instagram captioned: “Sorry I haven’t posted any new pics of my mullet this week. I got in an accident and broke my face and skull in a few places. But I’m ok. I’m more alive than ever. I’ll heal up good as new, and I’ll get some new pics of that mullet up as soon as they get me a blow dryer up to m hospital room.”

Until now, Jeff and the Vlog Squad had remained silent about what caused the injuries. Fans of the group had however long-speculated that it occurred during a vlogging trip to Utah.

In the first episode of Coming Clean About Everything, Jeff’s series about it all, a doctor revealed that if the injury had been 3 millimetres higher it would have cut his eye in half. Had it been a few inches the other way, he “would have died”.

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What happened on the Utah trip?

In the latest episode, footage and an explanation of the accident was finally given to viewers. Starting in Utah, the group had been on a trip to create a stunt-themed vlog for David to return to YouTube with.

After being asked by David to do so, Jeff, Natalie and Todd had been at a skydiving ranch in order to skydive 25 times to gain their licenses.

However, the trip took a turn for the worse when the group moved onto different stunts later in the trip. They met David Dobrik before Jeff Wittek’s accident occurred, who had hired an excavator and put it in a lake. The original stunt involved Todd ‘wake boarding’ from the excavator, which dragged him and the board around in circles.

Things turned dangerous when they decided to hang from the attachment rope without a board, being swung around in the air by it. Corinna was the first Vlog Squad member to try it as David operated the machinery. When it begins to fall down while she’s still in the air, she can be seen asking to be let down and shouting that David “takes things too far.”

“I just jumped out of a plane 20 times, what’s the worst that could happen if I swing from a rope over a one-foot deep lake?” says Jeff. “I didn’t know I was gonna go that fast. So I grabbed the rope and I tried to make a goddamn funny video for people. But this is where I made a mistake. I forgot that the biggest f***ing idiot was driving it.”

When the swinging speeds up, Jeff flies towards the camera and excavator. Although the exact crash isn’t show, the next scene shows Jeff dangling by foot from the rope with his head below water. Members of the group can be seen shouting and running to help him.

Jeff Wittek didn’t talk about the David Dobrik accident before

Viewers have finally got to the bottom of what happened to Jeff’s eye, but it took some time for it to be revealed.

Previously, no one involved had spoken about the accident and Jeff had even said he couldn’t legally talk about it. In the first episode of the new series however, he clarifies that such comments were just jokes: “It’s not because I was covering for anybody, or I signed an NDA. They were all just jokes.”

When Jeff Wittek appeared on the Frenemies Podcast to discuss the allegations against David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad in March, Trisha Paytas brought up his injury. Jeff however was reluctant to talk about it and didn’t reveal any information.