The latest TikTok trend sees everyone using an online calculator to find their true bra size. What is ‘A Bra That Fits’?

The struggle of finding a bra that actually fits is REAL. It’s either too tight, too loose, or too uncomfortable. And don’t even get me started on when the underwire digs in.

But what if we told you there was a way to find out your real bra size online, without having that awkward visit to the shop assistant with a tape measure?

It’s called ‘A Bra That Fits’, and it’s going viral on TikTok right now. Here’s everything you need to know about it…

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What is ‘A Bra That Fits’?

‘A Bra That Fits’ is an online calculator that aims to find out your bra size using a series of measurements.

First, you have to grab a tape measure and using centimeters or inches, measure your ‘loose underbust’, ‘snug underbust’, ‘tight undercuts’, ‘standing bust’, ‘leaning bust’ and ‘lying bust’.

If you don’t know what all of those mean, there is a handy diagram that tells you exactly where you need to measure.

Then, you insert all of the measurements into the ‘A Bra That Fits’ calculator, choose which bra sizing system you want and voila, you’ll be given your perfect bra size.

A Bra That Fits

How to find the Bra Size Calculator

Do you want to give the ‘A Bra That Fits’ calculator a try?

Well, you can find it here.


Welcome to A Bra That Fits — now on TikTok! Leave any questions about bra sizes below, or duet this. #ABraThatFits #brafitting #brasizing

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It’s going viral on TikTok

At the start of April, ‘A Bra That Fits’ joined TikTok, and the calculator is now going viral on the app.

People are filming themselves using the calculator, and it’s safe to say everyone is totally obsessed with ‘A Bra That Fits’.

TikTok users are saying it actually works, but the only way to know for sure it to try it for yourself!


GIRL A G????? Who wanna send me money for a new bra 😫🙏#abrathatfits

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