Oscar Ramos has been a key character in Mayans MC since it began but just who is Ivo Nandi’s character and why is his season 3 fate so important?

As a spin-off from the immensely popular Sons of Anarchy, FX’s Mayans MC has regularly featured characters from the original show.

One such character is Oscar Ramos who played a big part in episode 7 of season 3.

But just who is Ramos and why is his fate in season 3 of Mayans MC so important?

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead*

Mayans MC season 3

Mayans MC returned to FX for season 3 on March 16th, 2021.

To kick off the new season, two new episodes aired on March 16th, refamiliarising viewers with Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes and his place in the Mayans Motorcycle Club.

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The season started with a border shutdown which sees the Mayans’ heroin trade grind to a halt, causing tensions within the club to rise which EZ looks to exploit in order to increase his standing.


Who is Oscar Ramos in Mayans MC?

  • Oscar Ramos is the president of the Stockton Mayans.

Played by Ivo Nandi, the character was first introduced in Sons of Anarchy’s seventh and final season and has made regular appearances in Mayans MC.

As tensions rose within the Mayans’ various charters at the start of season 3, EZ proposes to Bishop that they should “dethrone” Ramos of the Stockton Mayans and Canche of the Yuma Mayans.

It’s safe to say that EZ’s plan hasn’t resulted in the best relationship between the various factions in the Mayans MC.


Episode 7 recap [spoilers]

By episode 7, all-out war threatens the Mayans following the murderous events that concluded episode 6.

April 20th’s instalment, titled What Comes of Handlin’ Snakeskin, continues where episode 6 left off and sees the Santo Padre and Stockton Mayans on the verge of civil war.

As tensions reach their breaking point, several members of the Santo Padre Mayans go in search of Oscar Ramos, the president of the Stockton charter, and an ambush is planned for the character.

However, it’s Ramos and the Stockton Mayans who strike first as they manage to ambush EZ and several members of the Santo Padre Mayans.

EZ manages to escape the attack just before the police arrive and uses the situation to his advantage as Detective O’Grady, the cop who the Santo Padre Mayans blackmailed in season 2, is one of the officers on the scene.

After loading Ramos into his car, O’Grady drives down a deserted road until EZ arrives to kill Ramos once and for all.

With their leader dead, EZ will no doubt hope that the Stockton Mayans will fall into line. If not, this conflict could get even bloodier still.


Season 3 of Mayans MC continues weekly on FX on Tuesdays at 10/9c.