Call of Duty Warzone is one of the biggest battle royales available with it having surpassed 100 million players. While the game has largely been fantastic since day one, extremely good news is that the much-anticipated Nuke event is finally on the cusp of happening. Lots of people are asking what time is the Warzone Nuke event, and here you’ll find when the event will start, and you’ll also find the update time and file size for Season 3.

Just before the launch of the occasion, Activision have released a roadmap for what to expect from Season 3. This roadmap includes details about new multiplayer maps, zombie shenanigans, weapons, and plenty more to whet the appetites of us fans.

Below you’ll find when the Warzone Nuke event is scheduled to start in Call of Duty, and you’ll also find the update time for Call of Duty Season 3.

When is the update time for Warzone Season 3?

The update time for Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 is 21:00 PT on April 21st.

This means that the update time for Warzone Season 3 should also be 00:00 ET and 05:00 BST on April 22nd.

As for the file size, Activision report that it will be 25.6 GB on PS4 and PS5, while 25.9 GB on Xbox One and Series X. In regard to PC, it will be 25.2 GB.

UNSIGHTED - Announcement Trailer

Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War promises plenty such as new Operators in the form of Wraith, Knight, Antonov, and – most notably – Captain Price.

There will also be new weapons, multiplayer maps, and more.

As for Warzone, everyone is anticipating a big boom that will result in a new map replacing the iconic Verdansk.

What time does the Warzone Nuke event start?

The start time for the Call of Duty Warzone Nuke event is 12:00 PT on April 21st.

This means that the start time for the Warzone Nuke event will also be 15:00 ET and 20:00 BST on the same day.

As for what to expect, Activision haven’t said much other than that “Armistice Central Command will be communicating directly to all Operators with further instructions” at said hours listed above.

Activision have also told players to return to the Call of Duty Blog and Warzone on April 21st to receive updates.

In regard to what the new map will be, reports suggest that it will be an 80s makeover of Verdansk.