Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Stacey Abrams has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize – here are her five facts about her.

The Former House of Representatives Minority Leader has received a lot of praise for her work on voter rights in Georgia and across the US over the years.

Stacey’s name is currently trending on social media as people discuss the successes and many achievements of the voting rights activist and lawyer.

Let’s learn more about Stacey Abrams, the Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

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Stacey Adams: Bio and family

Stacey was born on December 9th, 1973 in Madison, Wisconsin. She grew up in Gulfport, Mississippi.

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After moving to Atlanta with her family, Stacey graduated from Avondale High School in DeKalb County, Georgia.

She attended Spelman College and then graduated with a Master of Public Affairs in 1998 from the University of Texas. Stacey received her law degree from Yale University in 1999.

Stacey, whose parents are Robert and Carolyn Abrams, is one of six children and has three sisters and two brothers.

In a previous Twitter post, she wrote: “It is unusual for a little Black girl from Mississippi to grow up to become the highest-ranking Democrat in Georgia and then run for governor of her state. My parents made tremendous sacrifices to give my siblings and me a chance to defy the odds.”

She ran for Georgia governor

One of Stacey’s well-known achievements is that she ran for Governor in Georgia in 2018. The activist lost with only 55,000 votes to Georgia’s secretary of state Brian Kemp.

Following the 2018 election, Stacey refused to concede after saying that there are “votes remain to be counted”.

“I’m here tonight to tell you votes remain to be counted. There’s voices that are waiting to be heard,” she said at the time.

A statement to CNN said that Stacey’s team expected 77,000 additional ballots, explaining: “These counties also represent heavily-Democratic leaning constituencies, and the majority of those votes are anticipated to be for Stacey Abrams.”

She created two voter drive organisations

Another major achievement for the voting rights activist is that she created two successful voter drive organisations which fight for “free and fair elections”.

Fair Fight was created to “promote fair elections in Georgia and around the country, encourage voter participation in elections, and educate voters about elections and their voting rights.” 

Stacey also started the New Georgia Project in 2014. The organisation states that as of September, 2019, it registered almost half a million Georgians, in all 159 Georgia’s counties.

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Stacey is also a writer and author

The Nobel Peace Prize nominee is also a writer and published author.

She wrote the 2019’s ‘Lead from the Outside: How to Build Your Future and Make Real Change’ and published ‘Our Time Is Now’ in 2020.

In addition to her political publications, Stacey has written several romance books which you can find on Amazon.

She would have been the first Black female governor in the US

The country has never had a black female governor, while many states have never had female governors in the US history.

If Stacey won the 2018 Georgia election, she would have become the first black female governor in the United States.

Speaking to CNN at the time, Stacey explained: “I’m very aware that as an African-American woman, I will be doing something no one else has done.”

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