April 21st marks National Tea Day 2021 here in the UK but why is the day celebrated and which brand of brew is the nation’s favourite?

It seems as if almost every day in the yearly calendar now represents a national day of some kind or another.

However, on April 21st each year, the UK celebrates the most important national day of them all, National Tea Day.

But just what is National Tea Day, why do we celebrate it and most importantly of all, which brew is the UK’s favourite?

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National Tea Day 2021

National Tea Day is observed in the UK on April 21st each year and is used to celebrate the drinking of tea and to raise awareness for its cultural significance around the world.

It’s unclear when National Tea Day originated but in today’s social media world, April 21st has quickly become a favourite day to share all things tea-related.

To mark the occasion, National Tea Day is often celebrated in tea rooms and cafés across the country with special events, charity fundraising and even a tea ‘Fes-Tea-Val’ at London’s Chiswick House.

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What is the UK’s favourite brew?

The debate on which tea brand is best will undoubtedly rage on until the end of time and it’s something that even surveys disagree upon.

According to a recent survey from Yorkshire-based holiday firm Gorgeous Cottages, which is quoted by Yorkshire Live and The Northern Echo, Yorkshire Tea came out as the most popular brand with Tetley and Twinings coming in second and third.

However, a 2020 survey from Statista disagreed and stated that PG Tips was actually the UK’s most popular brew with an estimated 6.8 million drinkers in 2019 compared to 6.7 million for Yorkshire Tea, 5.1 million for Tetley and 3.7 million for Twinings.

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National Tea Day on social media

Each year, national days such as National Tea Day are huge talking points on social media, especially with funny comments and memes popping up throughout the day.

We begin with Yorkshire Tea who were not keen to share the occasion with other brands.

The National Tea Day Twitter account opened up the debate on which biscuit is best with a good cuppa.

This Twitter user pointed out that money can’t buy happiness but it can buy tea.

And finally, PG Tips got in on the act with a poll to finally determine the correct way to make a cup of tea.

National Tea Day is celebrated in the UK on April 21st.

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