Idaho news station KTVB tweeted a photo of one of their reporters, Mark Johnson, and here’s why Twitter users think it’s hilarious.

Yesterday, everyone on Twitter was talking about the George Floyd trial after Derek Chavin was found guilty of his murder.

However, around the same time, something else started trending that’s had social media users in stitches.

KTVB tweeted out a bizarre photo and biography of one of their reporters, and it instantly took over Twitter as everyone found it totally hilarious.

So who is Mark Johnson? And why has the tweet gone viral? Here’s everything you need to know.

KTVB Twitter

KTVB’s Mark Johnson tweet goes viral

On Wednesday morning (April 21st), NBC-affiliated television station KTVB tweeted a photo and biography of one of its reporters, Mark Johnson.

Mark is a KTVB News Anchor, reporter and father of two who is now the talk of the internet thanks to KTVB’s random tweet.

The tweet simply said “Mark Johnson” and contained a photo and link which if clicked, was supposed to take you to a biography about the reporter on the KTVB website.

However, people quickly noticed that the Mark Johnson article actually had no context at all.

If you’re from outside of the USA, you can’t even click on the link and are greeted with an “access denied” error message, which Twitter users found totally hilarious.

If you’re in the USA, you can click on the article, but it has no substance at all, granting the tweet as completely pointless.

Now, the random tweet has blown up on Twitter as people mock KTBV, and Mark Johnson has become internet famous because of it.

Twitters users react to the Mark Johnson tweet

Mark Johnson quickly started trending on Twitter as people reacted to the random tweet.

Lots of people began copying KTVB’s tweet by writing “Mark Johnson”.

Others started making memes related to his name.

Some people are laughing at the fact that the article had no context.

Others are joking that no context is needed. He’s Mark Johnson, enough said.

Yesterday, Mark Johnson was just an ordinary reporter from Idaho. Now, he’s an internet sensation.

Mark Johnson responds to the tweet

After his name blew up on Twitter, Mark Johnson himself even reacted to it.

First, he wrote: “This is pretty hilarious but I’m pretty sure my teenage daughters had something to do with this. All I can say is that I WILL get them back for this! (But probably not).”

Then, he joined in with the joke and mocked KTVB by simply tweeting the words: “Mark Johnson”.

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