Part 1 of Teen Mom season 9 Reunion special was aired on April 20 on MTV. The episode featured a lot of drama and left many fans wondering if cast member Amber Portwood from Teen Mom is on drugs.

Many fans tuned in to watch the Teen Mom reunion episode on Tuesday, April 20 at 8:00 p.m. EST. The Moms made some shocking revelations on the episode. However, it was Amber, who stood out of the lot in terms of her behaviour.

The episode left many fans speculating is Amber was back on drugs.

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Is Amber Portwood from Teen Mom on Drugs?

So far neither Amber nor anyone close to her has revealed if she is back on drugs. Hence, it is not confirmed yet.

However, this did not stop fans from noticing her obviously strange behaviour.

Social Media users started coming up with their own theories for why Amber seemed so odd in the last episode of the show’s ninth season. Some even pointed out that she seemed out of sorts in Teen Mom’s season 9 reunion special as well.

Teen Mom viewers know that Amber has a history of drug addiction and hasn’t been the most level-headed person. During season 9 she did appear to be sober for some time but that changed in February 2021.

During one of the episodes in February Amber had dressed as what she claimed to be a “slutty” paratrooper for her brother’s birthday. She also claimed that she wanted to honour him and his service as a paratrooper in the Army.

Naturally, Amber’s brother seemed confused with both her choice of costume and her out of sorts behaviour. During the last episode of Teen Mom season 9, Amber went out to meet her ex-husband Gary Shirley and his current wife Kristina over lunch. Much to the fans’ horror, she was still donning the same paratrooper outfit.

On multiple occasions during the episode, she was heard rambling and slurring her words. She even had her eyes closed during important conversations, thus looking absent from reality.


Fans believe that Amber Portwood might be on drugs

Amber’s odd behaviour during the last episode of the show did not sit well with fans. On Reddit, many users commented saying although the Mom from the show wasn’t admitting it, she was indeed back on drugs.

One user on Reddit said, “I think she’s using drugs again sadly.” Many others agreed to the claims that Amber might be back on drugs.

Some Teen Mom fans also speculated that it might just be the effect of the medications that her psychiatrist has kept her on. One Reddit user claimed, “I feel like she probably needs a better psychiatrist because they should be able to find meds in appropriate doses that don’t have this effect,” referring to the dizzy state she seemed to be in.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

Here’s how Twitter users reacted to Amber’s odd behaviour

As soon as MTV aired the Teen Mom Reunion special, many viewers took to Twitter to reveal how Amber appeared to be out of sorts during the special.

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