Fans of James Cameron’s iconic sci-fi horror sequel from the 1980s will be to happy that there is a new game coming out in summer 2021 called Aliens Fireteam which will hopefully rid us all of the trauma caused by Colonial Marines. However, before Fireteam comes out later this year, there are lots of people asking: is Alien Isolation multiplayer? Here you’ll discover if the game does have any multiplayer or co-op, and you’ll also discover how to download it for free from the Epic Games store.

Previews for Fireteam say that the game looks surprisingly good, and fans will be happy to hear this after the colossal disappointment that was Colonial Marines back in 2013. While Colonial Marines was a shockingly bad experience, hopefully Fireteam will realise the full potential of the series’ universe as a co-op endeavour.

While Fireteam is planned to come out later this year, below you’ll discover if Alien Isolation is multiplayer at all.

How to download Alien Isolation for free from the Epic Games store

You will be able to download Alien Isolation for free from the Epic Games store on April 22nd.

Know that you will only be able to secure your free download and acquisition of Alien Isolation from the Epic Games store between then and April 29th.

If you’ve never played the game before, you’re in for a good time as it is one of the best video games to have come out in recent memory.

Many have compared it to the likes of Resident Evil 7, Amnesia Dark Descent, and Outlast, and – while there are similarities – it is more terrifying than any other thanks to the Xenomorph.

Does Alien Isolation have co-op?

Alien Isolation does not have multiplayer or co-op.

There is no multiplayer or co-op in Alien Isolation, but this wasn’t always the plan during the early development stages.

Per Gamewatcher, co-op was initially thought about for the solo experience. However, it appeared to never become more than ideas that were quickly rejected.

According to the game’s UI Lead Jon Mckellan, any concept of multiplayer was rejected because “as soon as you up the amount of humans then you’re no longer as ‘outnumbered’”.

The above basically suggests that the game would not have worked as a survival horror experience with multiplayer players, thus why it was better to leave the game single-player.

While some will be disappointed by the complete omission of co-op, the good news is that the game is still brilliant on your own, and that Fireteam is coming out later this year.