As the trial of Derek Chauvin reaches a verdict on April 20th, 2021, we are seeing renewed interest in the former police officer.

Derek Chauvin, 45, has been found guilty on three counts: second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Throughout Chauvin’s very public trial – it was live-streamed on the internet, unusual for a US murder trial – his family has not made an appearance. So, does Derek Chauvin have any family?

Screenshot: Jury verdict in Derek Chauvin murder trial — 4/20/2021 – CNBC Television YouTube

Does Derek Chauvin have any family?

Yes. Derek Chauvin has parents and a younger sister.

He was born on March 19th, 1976 in suburban West St Paul. Chauvin’s mother was a housewife and his father worked as a certified public accountant.

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Chauvin’s parents divorced when he was 7 years old. During the divorce proceedings, Derek Chauvin’s father took a paternity test for his sister and found out that he was not the father. Once separated, Derek Chauvin’s parents had joint custody of him. His father kept the family home and his mother went to live with her lover.

Derek Chauvin reportedly lived with his grandmother in Inver until he was 27 years old.

Does Derek Chauvin have children?

No. Derek Chauvin does not have any children.

Chauvin was married to Kellie May Xiong Chauvin from June 2010 to February 2021, when their divorce was finalised.

Kellie has two children of her own from a previous marriage. Kellie would have been around 36 years old when they married, and Derek Chauvin would have been 34.

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On May 30th, 2020, a lawyer on Kellie’s behalf posted about their family situation.

The lawyer wrote: “While Ms. Chauvin has no children from her current marriage, she respectfully requests that her children, her elder parents, and her extended family be given safety and privacy during this difficult time.”

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