Does Albert Han die in 9-1-1? Fox viewers got concerned about the fate of actor John Harlan Kim following the latest episode of the show this week.

After over a month, 9-1-1 returned for its spring premiere for the much-anticipated birth of Maddie and Chimney’s baby.

However, the episode on Monday (April 19th) also brought a shocking twist after Albert Han got badly hurt in a car accident.

But is that the end for the character on the show? Let’s find out.

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead*

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Does Albert die in 9-1-1?

No, Albert doesn’t die on 9-1-1. Even though he was badly injured, the character wasn’t killed off as he managed to survive the car accident.

The next episode (Monday, April 26th) will continue the story of Albert’s recovery while Maddie and Chimney take care of him and their newborn child.

Talking about how they shoot the epic scene, Albert actor John Harlan Kim shared in an Instagram post: “As the spectacular @appleofhisai said to me at the start of this day, ‘you haven’t been on @911onfox, if they haven’t tried to kill you yet’. Just wanted to show some love to the crew who make the show what it is. I am genuinely lucky to be apart of it.

“Also, hope this answers any questions about what song was going through my head during this whole scene. Hope ya enjoyed the episode.”

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Fans share concerns about Albert

While waiting to find out whether Albert would survive after the accident, many fans took to Twitter to share their concerns.

“Please I’m watching 9-1-1 and when Albert’s heart stopped I started f***ing balling why would you play with my emotions like that,” reacted one fan.

“Omg, if they kill off Albert in 9-1-1, I’m going to cry hard,” said another viewer.

Someone else added: “My heart was in my throat with the 9-1-1 episode and Albert.”

Who is Albert on 9-1-1?

John Harlan Kim. The Australian actor joined the Fox series in 2020 and has quickly become a favourite character for many fans.

John is also known for his role as Greg Li on the series Pandora, Ezekiel Jones on Librarians and Dale on the Aussie soap opera Neighbours.

The actor is on Instagram under the handle @johnharlankim where he has gained 42.9k followers at the time of writing.

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