Ackley Bridge is back on our screens for season 4 but will the new instalment be added onto Netflix? How to stream all episodes explained.

After almost two years away from our screens, Ackley Bridge is back for its long-awaited fourth season.

There are plenty of changes in the new series as characters have come and gone and the show now has a new runtime.

However, some fans have been left asking if and when season 4 of Ackley Bridge will be added to Netflix.

Ackley Bridge season 4

Ackley Bridge returned to Channel 4 for its fourth series on April 19th, 2021.

Following the game-changing events of season 3, several new characters are due to take the spotlight in the new series which boasts a new format and 30-minute runtime.

Taking centre-stage in series 4 are Kayla – a girl from a mixed-race family, Fizza – Kayla’s best friend, Marina – Kayla’s ‘mean girl’ sister, Johnny – a new student from a Romany Gypsy community as well as plenty of characters we’ve come to know and love over the previous seasons.

Channel 4

Is Ackley Bridge season 4 coming to Netflix

  • It has not been announced whether or not Ackley Bridge season 4 will be coming to Netflix.

However, it is looking unlikely that season 4 will be added as season 3 has also not made its way over to Netflix.

It has now been almost two years since season 3 of Ackley Bridge released on Channel 4 and it has still not been added to Netflix leaving many to wonder if it will be added at all.

This is purely speculative but it looks as if seasons 1 and 2 of Ackley Bridge (which are on Netflix) are there to introduce people into the show before enticing them over to watch on Channel 4 and its All 4 streaming service.

Over in the US, meanwhile, Ackley Bridge’s first three seasons are available via Acorn TV which fans can watch as an extra channel through Amazon Prime Video for $5.99 per month.

Channel 4

How to stream Ackley Bridge for free

If you’re waiting for Ackley Bridge’s third and fourth series to release on Netflix, you could be waiting a while.

However, all four seasons are available to stream right now for free on Channel 4’s All 4 streaming service.

That’s right, every episode from season 1 onwards, including all of season 4, is available at no cost, although you will have to contend with adverts.

Channel 4

Season 4 of Ackley Bridge is airing daily at 6pm on Channel 4 while fans can stream the whole series now on All 4.

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