Peloton riders were left confused over what happened to Jess Sims when she ended the class 15 minutes early.

The Peloton instructor has gained a notable following since becoming one of the most known leaders in the company. Yesterday, April 19th, Jess Sims ended her bike boot camp class 15 minutes early, citing listening to her body as the reason.

One rider took to Twitter to share what happened, writing: “Praying for Jess Sims @ Peloton. She said she needed to listen to her body and ended her boot camp 15 mins early. I hope she is okay.”

“I was on that ride live and I’m so confused as to what happened. Hope she’s okay,” added another rider.

What happened to Jess Sims from Peloton?

For those concerned, there doesn’t seem to have been any injury involved in what happened. Instead, a simple case of burn out and running out of gas.

Jess Sims took to her Instagram Story to thank her followers for the well-wishes and address what happened: “Y’all are the absolute best. I’m so grateful for all the messages and the well wishes,” she began.

“If you were on my bike bootcamp tonight you saw me say that I needed to listen to my body and I stopped a little bit early and obviously that’s not easy but it’s something that was necessary for me in the moment and it’s something that I’ve had practise doing as an athlete my whole life of just knowing when it’s not best for me to continue doing whatever I’m doing.”

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She confirmed she’s okay

Towards the end of the clip, Jess Sims reassured her followers that she was now okay: “I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the super kind messages and I am totally fine, I am all good.”

Jess will be back to Peloton at 7pm ET on April 20th for a 30 minute power walk.

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