Gabbie Hanna’s latest Twitter drama surrounds her 2017 poetry book, and the criticism it received.

In 2017, Gabbie Hanna published the book Adultolescence which featured her own poetry and became a New York Times Bestseller. However, the book also received criticism from both social media users and reviewers.

Rachel Oates, a book critic YouTuber, created various videos over the years reviewing, and often critiquing, Gabbie’s poetry.

Adultolescence itself also reached meme-level notoriety, and was regularly shared across social media for the wrong reasons.

To preface this article, the drama that ensued between Gabbie Hanna and other creators was long and continuous with countless tweets and post, but this article will outline only the key statements and drama.

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Gabbie Hanna’s argument with Rachel Oates

Yesterday, April 19th, Gabbie Hanna took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the criticism her book received from people online, writing: “Because I frankly don’t give a f**k anymore — I think it’s really lame that a bunch of non-creative, insecure, neurotypical people dragged my poetry for months for views on YouTube and TikTok instead of creating their own art.”

She continued: “I still can’t believe I wrote a funny, engaging, thematic poetry book about sexual assault, mortality, childhood abuse, mental illness and suicidal ideation as my first release—and all people cared to share was ‘link in bio’ and ‘family is relatives’”

Gabbie soon made it clear exactly which creator she was discussing, by name-dropping Rachel and sharing screenshots of the videos she made about her: “I also just wanna say that Rachel Oatmeal took the time to write a book from the perspective of a dog (since I write mine from the perspective of an abused child) to mock me, yet she’s still too much of coward to release under her own name. What a *loser* lmao.”

The book in reference here is Rachel Oates’ Doggolescence which was a parody of hers.

After posting the tweets to her Instagram Story and tagging Rachel, she then spoke directly to the camera and alleged a mutual friend had told Rachel to stop talking about Gabbie. She also went on to dub her “manipulative” and “narcissistic”.

Rachel responded to the Instagram posts, resharing them to her account and adding: “Oh look, she’s creating drama again by tagging me in posts telling ME of all people, I ‘don’t understand neurodivergent brains’. It’s been a month since I reviewed any of her work, just accept the constructive criticism and write better.”

She went on to share a DM she sent to Gabbie, which read: “Leave me out of your attention seeking games and go get some help please. Clearly you’re having some sort of breakdown again and I understand, I’ve been there too, but this won’t help. Please, just go speak to your friends of family and calm down.”

Rachel also released the below statement before including examples from her parody book.

Still from @Rachel0ates on Instagram

Angelika Oles’ response to the drama

Shortly after, drama commentator YouTuber Angelika Oles took to Twitter to share her views on the poetry drama.

“I just think this is unnecessary. Say your part about criticism/hate/whatever you want to call it, but multiple tweets calling someone abusive and a bully…while being obsessive and a bully back is an interesting way to go about things,” wrote Angelika.

Gabbie responded by writing: “So standing up to a bully is bullying them? I’m the only person who’s supposed to sit back and allow people to exploit and harass me bc I defend myself I’m a bully. What are you? Shut the f**k up Angelika, get back to law school.”

“Awh is it unnecessary to call someone a bully Angelika? Is that mean? Toxic? A gross generalization made on someone I’ve never met? These narcissistic, confused, goof ass bitch I stg they don’t even TRY not to be hypocritical,” she added along with still of videos Angelika has previously made about Gabbi.

“This is that b***h in high school who draws on your yearbook photo to be an a**hole and laugh with her friends. Don’t delude yourself into thinking you’re anything more than a high school f***ing bully. Why are you involving yourself, attention seeker?” she finished.

Angelika responded to the tweets by writing: “You’re clearly going through something right now. Good look with whatever it is.”

“And you’re the ‘b***h in high school’ who made up rumours about people to gain social relevance then? How many of your story times were JUST about you and how many involved other people? How many also involved other people in the industry?” she added.

Angelika finished by hinting that Gabbie’s poetry drama was a part of a regular promotion cycle, tweeting: “I’m saying a new song is coming out in a week? That’s why we needed to get you trending? Anyway job done, you’re welcome. I’ll see you in six months for another round.”

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