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It’s far to say the Super League announcement hasn’t gone down well.

12 of Europe’s biggest clubs have decided to form a breakaway competition with no promotion or relegation; anti-competition, all based on greed.

The fact that it’s already gone from ‘European Super League’ to just being called ‘The Super League’ hints that non-European sides could be invited down the line.

Can Liverpool bounce back in style at Leeds?

Can Liverpool bounce back in style at Leeds?
Rousing the Kop (Youtube)

Six Premier League sides are involved; Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur, and fans of all clubs have been left furious.

There has been talk of the teams being kicked out of the Premier League and players having their international participation pulled away.

This situation isn’t going away any time soon, and with so many angry supporters and pundits around the globe, John McGinn has at least offered something to laugh at.

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The Aston Villa ace has taken to Twitter to suggest that teams shouldn’t even be able to have their current names if they do go into this new league, instead recommending new names.

McGinn thinks Manchester City and Liverpool should instead be named ‘Man Blue’ and ‘Merseyside Red’ as they used to be branded on Pro Evolution Soccer,

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In other news, Player Bielsa called ‘very influential’ suggests he may never play for Leeds United again