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Gary Neville has stated on his podcast that Everton and Aston Villa would definitely have been part of a ‘big six’ group 30 years ago, after the formation of the European Super League.

The European Super League was announced last night, with the Premier League’s top modern clubs announcing their intentions to form a new exclusive competition.

It leaves the futures of clubs such as Everton and Villa highly uncertain.

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Just how proud, historic football clubs across England will be able to compete against the wealth that will be provided by the Super League remains to be seen.

And Neville was up in arms about the decision last night, which leaves Carlo Ancelotti’s and Dean Smith’s side outside of the select group.

“The big six? The big six 30 years was Forest, Everton and Villa! 70 or 80 years ago, it could have been Burnley, Bolton Wanderers, Wolves,” Neville said.

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“In the midst of a pandemic the proposals that should have been coming forward should have been for the correction of the game, sustainability in the game.

“That’s what it should have been. More for grass roots football, more for the FA, more to distribute into the football foundation, more distributed down through the leagues. They should be looking after each other and thinking how there is a better a fairer game moving forward. A better and fairer game for all clubs.”

In the short-term the likes of Everton and Villa may actually be propelled up the standings, depending on the ramifications of the decision.

If points deductions are handed out then, Villa and Everton could be among the clubs promoted to a Champions League spot next season.

But the future is very uncertain for football and the Premier League right now, with meetings set to be held by UEFA today to discuss the next steps.

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