YouTuber Jake Paul, will be fighting a former MMA star Ben Askren, becoming the talk of the sport right now. What is the net worth of Jake Paul as of 2021?

Jake Paul is one of the most controversial stars on YouTube, an actor and a professional boxer from Ohio, United States.

The 24-year-old creator, after being an actor on Disney Channel and marrying fellow creator Tana Mongeau for content, has decided to pursue a career in boxing in 2018, following the steps of his older brother, Logan Paul.

What is Jake Paul’s net worth?

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Jake Paul’s net worth as of April 2021 is estimated at around $20 million, while the YouTuber claims that he doesn’t fight to make money, but because he loves it.

Paul has over 20 million subscribers on YouTube and almost 15 million followers on Instagram. He has been in the public eye since the age of 17 and has made a fortune in a little over six years.

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While his initial income was his YouTube channel, sponsorship deals on social media and his own marketing company “Team 10”, his boxing career will increase his net worth further.

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His income from boxing fights fluctuates between one million dollars and 10 million dollars, as of previous fights with Nate Robinson and AnEsonGib.

How much money is Jake Paul getting for fighting Ben Askren?

The fight against MMA champion Ben Askren will be Jake Paul’s third professional fight, but the amount of money he will receive if he wins remains unknown.

The entertainment platform Triller Fight Club has placed offers to both American fighters, as the host of the boxing event.

In a recent YouTube video, Jake Paul claimed that “this is the most important week of his life” referring to the fight against the 36-year-old Ben Askren.

Jake Paul has been sharing multiple videos on his YouTube channel, sharing behind the scenes of his preparation for the fight, while the social media personality has also argued that he is “among the top-five highest earners in boxing,” according to Mirror.