Marc Anthony’s live concert was set to air on April 17. Several people have been waiting for it but are saying it’s not working. Here’s a look at what happened as Twitter users ask for a refund.

Twitter has been bursting with reactions as the viewers have been waiting for the live concert to start. When Marc first announced the tour, people had been looking forward to it. However, it looks like not everyone is having a good time as the concert seems to be delayed, and people on Twitter have expressed their disappointment over it.

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Why is Marc Anthony’s live concert not working?

It looks like there is some technical difficulties that is taking place. Marc had tweeted about this just when the concert was about to start.

His tweet read: “Good evening! The concert hasn’t started yet. We are experiencing a delay with Maestro, the streaming platform. We appreciate your patience; the show will start in a few minutes. The team is working as fast as possible.”

The singer posted another update on his Instagram and wrote: “I am deeply sorry for this technology failure that unfortunately was out of our control. You can rest assured that I am doing everything in my power to make sure that the people that spent their hard-earned money have the opportunity to see the show as soon as possible and will make it right for you all.”

Following this, the singer revealed that all the viewers will be refunded. Moreover, he uploaded his pre-recorded concert to his YouTube channel for everyone to watch for free.

Twitter reacts to Marc Anthony’s concert delay

Several people are unhappy as they have been waiting for hours for the concert to start. Some even asked for a refund as the wait does not seem to be worth it for them. One user wrote: “Everyone involved in this Marc Anthony live stream has dropped the ball. No updates, no concert, nothing. Wasted the last 2 hours.”

Another added: “Marc Anthony’s virtual concert will not stream. There are Puerto Rican Mom’s about to go bat shit crazy if this gets postponed tonight (it’s already an hour late!!)”

“The Virtual stadium where Marc Anthony is performing tonight is over capacity and so we are waiting for it to clear out a little so we can get it. The concert started at 8 pm and it’s almost 11,” another wrote.

Some people have been using the hashtag “refund” as the concert has not started even after two hours. “Marc Anthony thinking about how to keep everyone from demanding a refund,” one user joked.

Another added: “I’ve been waiting since 7PM to watch Marc Anthony’s live concert. Ima need a refund right neeeoowww.”

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