The fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren had the whole internet talking. Here’s a look at who won the fight as several fans slam the match and claim it’s “rigged.”

Jake had been talking about the match for months and was confident that he would win the match. Meanwhile, Ben also expressed his thoughts on the match on countless occasions. Even though fans had been excited about the match, its result has left many upset.

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren: Who won?

Jake won the match after knocking Ben out in the first round. This came as a surprise to many as they had expected the fight to go on for eight rounds. The YouTuber also expressed his happiness on Twitter.

Shortly after the winner was announced, Jake tweeted: “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” At the same time, he retweeted another video in which Ben stated he won’t fight again and will focus on coaching wrestling. To this, Jake responded: ” WHO SHOULD I RETIRE NEXT?”

This was Jake’s third fight. He had previously fought  Nate Robinson and YouTuber AnEsonGib. He had managed to win both the fights. It is unclear who Jake will be challenging next.

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Why Twitter users think the fight was rigged

Several users have their doubts about the fight after Ben was knocked out in the first round. Over 39k and counting, users have expressed their unhappiness over the fight.

One user wrote: “The Jake Paul fight was rigged and/or Askren didn’t care. This is what Askren can overcome when he’s trying, nothing on the planet can convince me that punch got him Really good money making scheme though,” while sharing a video of Ben from another fight.

Another added: “Surely this was rigged hes way too happy.” “This Jake Paul fight was the most rigged thing on god, just go watch Ben askers fights excluding the masvidal one. That man took beatings and still won, no shot he gets hit one time and drops, and then he got right back up so where’s the knock out, it wa as knock down,” another comment read.

“No way just no way Askren will get knocked out by a single Jake Paul punch lool that is soo rigged he got his bag fr fr,” wrote another user.

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