Ben Askren memes are all over the internet following his boxing fight on April 17th 2021. Viewers of the fight have created memes poking fun at the former MMA fighter. So, let’s take a look at why he’s trending…

Ben Askren is a retired MMA fighter who was born in Iowa in 1984. He had great success in his MMA career and won silver and gold medals while representing the USA at Olympic level.

The former fighter’s success looks to be part of the reason for viewers’ confusion watching his most recent fight with Logan Paul’s brother and YouTuber Jake Paul.

Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for Triller

Ben Askren vs Jake Paul fight

The Ben Askren vs Jake Paul fight aired on April 17th 2021. As with all boxing fights, there was a huge build up to the event with weigh ins and predictions fuelling the drama.

Given Jake Paul’s recent emergence in boxing, many people assumed that Ben Askren would win the boxing match.

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However, in the first round of the fight, which was held in Atlanta, Georgia, Ben was knocked out by Jake.

What are the Ben Askren memes about?

Some of the Ben Askren memes circling the internet in 2021 are suggesting that he purposely lost the fight against Jake Paul because he still got paid for taking part in the boxing match.

Photos of bags – representing money – have been uploaded to Twitter with captions such as “Dis what Ben Askren came for“.

While many memes are making jokes around why Ben took part in the fight, other people have made memes concerning Ben’s performance in the fight.

Twitter reacts to Ben Askren’s fight

The concept of the Ben Askren vs Jake Paul fight was first sparked on social media. Now, it looks as though things have gone full circle as a flurry of viewers have posted memes regarding Ben’s fight on Twitter.

A boxing fight just wouldn’t be the same without the outpouring of people’s opinions of what happened appearing on social media – and Ben and Jake’s fight is no different.

Many Twitter users have mocked Ben’s boxing performance while others thought that the potential ploy of losing the match and bagging $1m was a genius idea.

Those who didn’t find the boxing event funny also took to Twitter to express their irritation at paying to watch a match that potentially could’ve been “rigged”.

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