James Charles just announced that he’s ending his collaboration with makeup brand Morphe, and here’s why.

Since 2018, beauty YouTuber James Charles has released a number of different makeup collections with Morphe.

His original James Charles x Morphe Artistry Palette was the best-selling Morphe product of the year and it sold out four times.

Now, James has just revealed that the collaboration is ending, but why? Did Morphe drop him? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Has Morphe dropped James Charles?

Technically, Morphe hasn’t actually dropped James Charles, but their collaboration is ending.

James posted a statement on Twitter on Friday (April 16th) explaining the situation, and he said that it was a “mutual decision” to end the collaboration.

Here’s exactly what he said…

James Charles x Morphe Palette

James reveals his Morphe collaboration is ending

James took to Twitter this week to announce that his popular collaboration with Morphe would be ending.

He started by addressing recent drama that emerged on the internet surrounding him speaking to minors.

“Accountability is something that I have spoken about a number of times in the past. In my most recent video, I spoke about and took accountability for my part in conversations I had with a few individuals who told me they were over the age of 18,” he said.

Then, he said that his legal team is taking action against a number of false allegations before writing:

“These stories have caused many of my long-term partners to receive considerable negative feedback, one of them being Morphe. I’ve loved every moment working together, and am beyond grateful for what we’ve created together.”

“That being said, I reached out to them and we mutually agreed to wind down our Morphe x James Charles collaboration, which is my only project with them,” he continued.

He finished the statement by saying that he is taking time away to “learn, grow and listen” and said he looks forward to returning as a “better version” of himself.

Morphe did drop Jeffree Star

James Charles said that the end of his collaboration with Morphe was a mutual decision, but we can’t say the same of Jeffree Star.

Back in 2020, Morphe released a statement explaining that they were dropping Jeffree Star after a whole load of drama erupted surrounding him online.

On July 10th, they tweeted:

“Today we’ve made the decision to cease all commercial activity related to Jeffree Star and affiliated products. We expect this to conclude within the coming weeks. As we look to the future, we will continue to share updates on what lies ahead for the Morphe brand.”

This came after Jeffree Star was flooded with a number of allegations.

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