Jake Paul decided to dedicate his fight with Ben Askren to his former bodyguard Shadow, Shamir Bolivar. Here’s a look at who Shadow was.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for Jake and Ben’s fight. Days before the fight, on April 9, Jake tweeted: “This fight is for shadow.” The YouTuber decided to honor his former security guard through the fight. At the same time, Jake also revealed he suffered brain damage from boxing.

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Who was Shadow a.k.a Shamir Bolivar?

Shadow a.k.a Shamir was the CEO of Shadow Group Security. His death was confirmed on April 9 by AlphaLion Professional Protection Services.

Their statement read: “It’s is with a heavy heart and deepest condolences that we at AlphaLion must say farewell to A Friend, A Brother, A Mentor and all around a great human being; Shamir Bolivar @the_shadow_group. You have been the key of inspiration to so many who strive to become one of the elite amongst the Shadows and keep watch over those under our care. We pray peace for you, your wife & children and family as you transition into your eternal resting place to forever keep watch from the shadows. Your spirit and vision will forever live on in our hearts and actions!!”

Shadow had worked as a security guard for many celebrities like 6ix9ine, Jake, and others. He worked as a police officer at West Palm Beach Police Department for 14 years before setting up his own firm in 2017.

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Jake Paul and Shadow’s relationship explored

Shadow was Jake’s former security, and the YouTuber even paid tribute to him after hearing the news of his death. He posted a picture of Shadow on his Instagram stories with three broken heart emojis.

At the same time, he decided to dedicate his fight with Ben to Shadow. Jake also opened up about Shadow’s death as he wrote: “I still can’t believe that you’re gone… this just doesn’t seem real and I can’t comprehend it at all.”

He continued: “My heart hurts deeply… I want to wake up and have someone tell me this was a dream. You were such a great soul that was always there for me. You did so much for everyone around you and it won’t ever be forgotten… you took care of your family and kids.”

He further added: “I’m at a loss for words… I know everyone will do our part to carry on your legacy. The Shadow Group, I’m dedicating this fight to you my brother. I know you’ll be in the ring with me still watching my back. Just a day ago after sparring you came up to me and said how proud you were of me and my mindset.”

He concluded the post by writing: “You said I was like a warrior that you would want to go into battle with… and I guess now In 9 days, we will go to battle together… rest in paradise legend.”

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