On April 12th, Ryan Seacrest announced that contestant Wyatt Pike had to drop out of ‘American Idol.’ Amid this, many fans have been wondering what happened as the show geared up for Top 16 performances.

Wyatt had a large fan following as several people fell in love with his music. Even the judges saw great potential in him and thought he had a chance to make it big in the music industry. However, his sudden departure from the show has left everyone shocked.

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Why did Wyatt Pike drop out?

Wyatt Pike dropped out of American Idol due to “personal reasons”. A rep for the show told People: “Wyatt could not continue due to personal reasons.”

The announcement about Wyatt leaving the show was done by Ryan. “Before we get to the results, I have to tell you that finalist Wyatt Pike will not be competing in the competition. He had to drop out, but we wish him the very best,” he said.

In a new Instagram post, the singer addressed his departure from the series and wrote:

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“I had to leave the @AmericanIdol competition for personal reasons but am so thankful I get to play music for the rest of my life. Fellow contestants – miss you all, good luck! Thank you to everyone for your support… do stick around for more musical things soon!”

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The top 16 singers had performed on Sunday, and Wyatt was one of them. It is possible that the show was recorded in advance as Wyatt’s last post on Instagram hints he has gone back home.

His post read: “Something to feel this through: home. Thankful for the rollercoaster I’m on today.” Some fans speculate that he may have been sent home due to breaking Covid-19 protocol. This is because Wyatt posted on Instagram that he was going home on April 8.

The filming for ‘American Idol’ takes place in Los Angeles, and Wyatt was visiting his home in Utah.

Twitter reacts to Wyatt leaving the show

Several fans have been left shocked after the news was announced on the show. Many have been hoping that Wyatt will come back for next season as they try to figure out the reason behind his exit.

One user wrote: “what?! Hope all is well! You will be missed!!! But your career will continue! Will be watching!” Another added: “I better see you @WyattPike next season otherwise I give up on American idol.”

“NOT WYATT PIKE DROPPING OUT OF AMERICAN IDOL HE WAS ONE OF MY FAVES I LOVE HIM I’M SO SAD,” read another comment. Another added, “@WyattPike could’ve won the entire thing. Too bad he won’t be in.”

“What happened to @WyattPike !?!?! Was is he not in the competition anymore!?! He was one of our favorites,” read another comment.

Will Wyatt Pike come back for next season?

The show recently announced that past contestants will return on the show to compete. Judging by this, Wyatt could be back for the next season. At the same time, fans want him to return to the show as they think he can win.

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