If you’ve googled ‘Slime Language 2’ then you’ve likely discovered DBE Bandz as well, so who is the unknown rapper?

Along with Young Stoner Life Records, Young Thug released the highly anticipated Slime Language 2 on April 16th.

The rapper’s no stranger to bringing up-and-coming rappers to the attention of his fans, giving Lil Uzi and Lil Baby platforms, but this accidental spotlight he didn’t predict.

Who is DBE Bandz?

The little-known rapper is from Baton Rouge in Los Angeles, according to his Twitter account @DBEBANZ which has only five followers.

On Spotify he has 1,030 monthly listeners, though this month’s rise is likely to change that. DBE Bandz has four albums out (Lost Child, Slime Language 2, DAYDREAMING and DAYDREAMING Deluxe), and one EP (Ghetto Dreams). Daydreaming was also released under the name NBT Slime on SoundCloud.

However, some songs on said albums aren’t actually by him. Pain Show, for example, is uploaded on his Spotify but is actually by known rapper NoCap. While many of the songs are unreleased tracks by NBA YoungBoy, including Toxic Punk and Soul Stealer.

Little is known about the rapper, and his picture on Spotify isn’t him, it’s NBA YoungBoy. While one of his music videos on YouTube uses an online avatar instead, so perhaps anonymity plays a part here.

His music is available on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, but there’s no trace of the rapper on Instagram.

Seemingly, DBE is a music group the rapper is a part of, as SoundCloud shows a track with another rapper named DBExTONE, who uses Instagram under @gloccboytone.

Slime Language 2 by DBE Bandz

In what might be a huge stroke of luck for DBE Bandz, or a very clever PR plan as Slime Language 2 by Thug has been in the works for some time now, the new rapper released an album under the same name as Young Thug’s on January 15th.

When fans of Thug searched for Slime Language 2, DBE Bandz’s release is the one that first comes up. Many found themselves accidentally listening to the unknown album instead, and happily liking it too.

“@DBEBANDZ had a better Slime Languuage 2 than Thug,” tweeted one fan.

Another added: “@DBEBANDZ got me rocking out to his album thinking it was Slime Language 2 by Young Thug.”

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