A video has gone viral of a husband saving his wife from a bobcat attack, and it’s had TikTok users in stitches.

Every now and again, a video goes viral that completely takes over the internet.

So far this year we’ve had the famous Handforth Parish Council video, and the Cat Filter on the Zoom Call, and now there’s a new one to add to the mix.

Social media users are in hysterics over a hilarious bobcat attack video – watch it below!

Bobcat attacks wife in viral video

Bobcat attacks wife in hilarious viral video

Over the past few days, a video that first emerged on TikTok has been taking over social media.

In the short 40 second clip, a husband saves his wife from a bobcat attack on their driveway, and the whole thing is caught on their house CCTV.

At first, nothing seems out of the ordinary as the husband places a drink on the front of his car and says “we need to wash the car”. Then, it suddenly gets hectic.

A woman appears in the corner of the screen and you hear a huge meow before the woman runs beside the car screaming.

The husband then grabs the bobcat in his hands and throws it across the grass repeatedly shouting “oh my god it’s a bobcat”.

Another person who happened to be walking past the house then joins in and starts chasing the bobcat away whilst the husband shouts: “Watch out there’s bobcat that attacked my wife.”

The clip then ends abruptly. Watch the hilarious video below!

Social media users react to the video

It’s gone viral on social media as people found it totally hilarious.

The way the husband throws the bobcat across the lawn is comedy gold, and the sheer hecticness of the whole event has had the whole internet in stitches.

One person wrote on Twitter: “I’m really in tears watching this husband and wife get attack by a bobcat! The comments got my stomach hurting.”

“Im glad all the twitterverse for just a few hours tonight were able to put the stress of the world aside for a few moments in awe of that Bobcat attack vid, that was nuts,’ said another.

A third person tweeted: “This is the most American Bobcat attack I have ever seen. Looked like a scene from the Truman Show, and then all hell broke loose. Good stuff.”

However, others were more concerned with why the bobcat even attacked in the first place.

A quick Google search reveals that bobcat attacks on humans are actually really rare, and the small felines aren’t usually dangerous.

So, social media users have concluded that the reason why the bobcat attacked must have been either because it had rabies or was experiencing starvation.

Other’s suggested that the woman was actually carrying a cat inside a crate, which was what the bobcat was attacking.

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