Is Only Mine on Netflix based on a true story? Let’s get the Laura Kucera dedication explained and explore the film’s inspiration.

Film fans have long championed Netflix as an essential streaming service and the platform has already given audiences plenty to watch in 2021.

Notable additions include Malcolm & Marie, The White Tiger, News of the World, Concrete Cowboy, The Dig, and let’s not forget the Academy Award-nominated Mank which arrived late last year.

However, the service gives viewers the opportunity to check out lesser-known – and less recent – titles too, with one of the latest to earn attention being Only Mine.

Directed by Michael Civille and starring Amber Midthunder (Julie) and Brett Zimmerman (David), the film tells the story of a woman who begins dating a cop, only to break up with him and have her life ruined by his increasingly dangerous and criminal behaviour.

So, is Only Mine on Netflix based on a true story?

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Netflix: Is Only Mine based on a true story?

  • Only mine is based on a true story in the very loosest sense. Rather, the truth that women have fallen prey to their partners, whether current or former, is arguably more of an influence on the narrative.

Digital Spy acknowledges that the very loose basis for the film is Laura Kucera. In 1995, she was kidnapped and shot by her ex-boyfriend, whom she had previously taken out a protection order against. He was not a cop like the film portrays.

She was left unconscious for four days in a ditch, but her attacker later realised the severity of his actions and contacted the authorities to inform them of where he’d left her.

Although a woman being shot by her former partner informs Only Mine, the narrative doesn’t share many more parallels between Laura’s ordeal.

In the end of the film, Julie arrives at David’s cabin and takes revenge, killing him. This did not happen with Laura. On the whole, Only Mine seems to be inspired by the lives and tragedies of many women, with Laura’s case simply proving an influence.

In a sense, Julie’s revenge in comparison to Laura’s true fate may be interpreted as the filmmakers presenting what they wish had happened – a more cinematic alternative – with the protagonist achieving violent catharsis.

Only Mine: Laura Kucera dedication

The movie opens with the text “based on a true story” and ends on the following message:

“In 1995, Laura Kucera was kidnapped, shot in the head, and left to die. She lived. Her attacker remains in prison to this day. This film is dedicated to Laura, and to victims of abuse everywhere.”

However, Laura actually died in a car crash just one year after she survived the attack.

Only Mine is now streaming on Netflix.

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