Is Amber and Me on Netflix? Here’s where to watch the 2020 documentary. Which streaming services is it available on?

Although there is still plenty to look forward to, 2021 has already been a rather impressive year for film fans.

Streaming services have unveiled a wide range of acclaimed films across all genres, with Netflix delivering subscribers a new movie every single week.

So far, the platform has unveiled the likes of Malcolm & Marie, News of the World, The Dig, The White Tiger, Concrete Cowboy and more.

More recently, audiences have been enticed by Amber and Me, but is it on Netflix? Here’s where to watch…

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Is Amber and Me on Netflix? Where to watch

  • Amber and Me is not available on Netflix but is ready to stream over on the movie’s official website. A number of UK and Ireland cinemas are offering Virtual Screenings too.

Head over to the website here to view which cinemas are offering online screenings, or simply purchase a streaming ticket directly through the Amber and Me website for £5.99.

Streaming tickets include a 20-minute Q&A with the director and cast; after purchase, viewers will be given a viewing link with three days to watch the film.

This hour-long documentary follows Amber, who has Down’s syndrome, as she prepares to start school with her twin sister, Olivia. While the film spotlights positive experiences, it also focuses on her as she begins to struggle, asking to remain home.

We follow the twin sisters’ journey as they strive to stay together across four years of schooling, considering their relationship from their perspective.

It was directed and produced by Ian Davies, Amber and Olivia’s father.

Amber and Me earns praise

The film’s site includes a string of quotes from critics and creatives alike, praising it.

Lizzie Pickering – film producer (Let Me Go) – said of Amber and Me: “As a filmmaker, and also as a mother of a child who (in his lifetime) had his own challenges, Amber and Me shares a real insight into family life. How a family accepts and absorbs those challenges and how that same family celebrates the wonder of overcoming them with love. This is a film about courage, hope and love.”

Filmmaker Paul Wightman also offered his praises: “Amber and Me is a brilliantly intimate and honest portrayal of the personal and societal challenges faced by twin sisters on distinctly different journeys, as seen through the eyes of a concerned and loving parent.”

Amber and Me is now available to stream through the site and Virtual Screenings are offered by cinemas in partnership.

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