Too Close has captivated fans since it arrived on ITV but just what songs and music feature in the series’ chilling soundtrack?

No film or TV series is complete without music and the same can be said for ITV’s newest drama, Too Close.

The ITV series features plenty of licensed tracks and original music throughout its three episodes but just what songs appear in the Too Close soundtrack?

Too Close on ITV

Too Close arrived on ITV on Monday, April 12th, 2021.

Shown over consecutive nights, the three-episode series tells the story of Dr Emma Robertson (Emily Watson), a forensic psychiatrist who hopes to make her career by taking on the high-profile case of Connie Mortensen.

Played by Denise Gough, Connie has committed an unspeakable crime but filled with trauma and anxiety, she has no memory of the crime in question.


Too Close soundtrack

The songs that feature throughout Too Close are as follows:

  • The End of The World by Skeeter Davis – Plays during the opening scene of episode 1 and throughout the series.
  • Wild World by Yusuf/Cat Stevens – Plays when Connie and Ness are driving in episode 1.
  • Oh My Darling, Clementine originally by  Percy Montrose – Sung by members of the cast at a party in episode 3
  • Unknown song at end of episode 3

Too Close’s original music

  • Too Close’s composer is Jack Halama.

As well as featuring several familiar songs throughout the three episodes, Too Close also boasts a chilling original score composed by Jack Halama.

While Jack may not be a household name for many, he has worked on the music for a host of TV dramas and documentaries including Traces, Sticks and Stones, The Brompton Tales, Black Mirror, Netflix’s Sunderland Til I Die and ITV’s upcoming drama, Viewpoint.

Too Close concluded on ITV on April 14th, 2021 and all episodes are now available to stream on ITV Hub.

By Paul Fogarty | [email protected] – Let us know if any songs have been missed.

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