Shane Dawson became the latest victim of social media hoaxes, after Twitter users claimed he was dead.

Death hoaxes have become increasingly popular online, with a new one seemingly every day.

This time, ‘cancelled’ YouTuber Shane Dawson found himself the subject of one after ‘Shane Dawson died’ trending on Twitter for hours yesterday, April 14th.

To clarify: the trend was a hoax and Shane Dawson is not dead

Why was ‘Shane Dawson is dead’ trending?

Anyone on Twitter last night will have noticed the apparent death trending, but it’s not all it seems.

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YouTube commentator Keemstar shared his view on what happened, writing: “Shane Dawson Dies is trending! This is most likely false K-pop spam. I just text Shane to see if he’s alive. No response yet.”

It wasn’t K-pop spam but Keemstar wasn’t’ far off the mark. Instead, clicking on the trend sees mainly anime fans tweeting the phrase with images of their favourite characters.

“Shane Dawson died?? Rip lol anyways look at Deku smiling and blushing,” tweeted one user.

Recently, death hoaxes have been used as a way for fandoms to gain attention on images of videos, as they know people will click on the trend to find out what happened. #RIPAddisonRae trended just a few days ago, filled with K-pop fans posting videos instead.

Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Users were split on the hoax

Although for many, Shane Dawson is not top of the list of loved YouTubers, they still found the hoax a step too far.

“People like to think it’s ok because of his past, but wishing death on someone in my opinion will give a bad karma,” wrote one user.

Another added: “People are sick! It’s funny right? It’s a shame if he’s not? Best day ever? What the f**k is wrong with people? Who laughs at s**t like that, for all of Shane’s faults he is someone’s son, someone’s partner, someone’s best friend, someone’s family. Think of them before popping off.

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