KylieBitKin became the latest streamer to be banned from NoPixel, following an incident with xQc.

GTA role play has allowed for a whole other level of streaming, but this time it saw KylieBitKin be banned from server NoPixel.

KylieBitKin has been a popular full-time streamer since 2019, but yesterday she quite literally became the bad cop to xQc’s good cop.

She was banned from NoPixel

Fans of KylieBitKin were left upset when she confirmed her temporary ban from the server on Twitter.

“Hey guys, catching a three-day vacation from the server. Going to speak with admins tomorrow and get more information, and see what I can do to make things better. Like I said, all love and no hate. Will share more info when I have it,” she wrote.

“Also, please don’t send any hate to the admins of the server. They have to make tough decisions, and even if you disagree with them that doesn’t make it okay to flame/insult them. Spread love, life is too short for hate.”

Why was KylieBitKin banned?

Although no official reason was given by either admins or KylieBitKin herself, many have concluded it is a consequence of her latest RP with xQc.

During the stream, which documented a hostage robbery RP in which she was the cop, she received backlash for shooting xQc in the back for seemingly no reason.

xQc role played as the thief stealing from the bank, while KylieBitKin was the cop who after they came to a peaceful agreement, decided to shoot him in the back while he was taking the money.

Many viewers felt the move was unrealistic to what a cop would actually do, and dubbed it “power playing” as the game’s animation doesn’t allow for a character to put money into the bag while holding a gun.

However, some fans also began harassing KylieBitKin in the chats of the stream, sending hateful comments and, according to KylieBitKin, threats. xQc urged viewers to stop chat-hopping and even threatened to ban anyone that does.

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